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We manufacture precast concrete products & provide post-tension solutions
Our products include prefab houses, precast buildings, hollow core slabs, wall panels and columns

Turnkey Construction

The only company in Lebanon that will design, manufacture and build the entire structure using precast elements. We deal with the client directly to set up his new warehouse or offices in record time.

Free Quotations

We will quote your projects for free and help you choose the right product for your building. Email us your structural drawings at [email protected]

Market Pioneers

In 1995 we debuted our constant innovation process by introducing the hollow core slab to Lebanon. Since then, we have continuously guaranteed that our precast and post-tension solutions are less expensive and more durable than any traditional system.

LEED Eco-Friendly

Our precast concrete is energy-efficient, recyclable, reusable and creates minimal waste in the precast plant and the jobsite.