High quality structure

Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world, so why would your prefab house not profit from this quality material? Concrete offers high rigidity slabs that will not vibrate or make any sound when walked on. Its walls have high sound insulation properties, to block the noise from outside the house. Its thermal mass along with our insulation will guarantee a stable temperature within the house with no need of air conditioning at high elevations.
Concrete need no maintenance and has a life time of 100 years, its durability is to the fact that we can cast economically high strength concrete with our special manufacturing processes. Our houses have a big capacity to withstand corrosion as the reinforcement steel is protected within the concrete.
The Mega Box system cannot be compared to a prefab steel or wood house; it can only be seen as the natural development of a conventional concrete house, resulting in a higher quality wrapped in a more efficient construction process.


Great Prices

At Mega Prefab, you benefit from our high volume of construction purchases to get discounted prices on materials. For example, a typical home owner would buy 6 doors for a 100m2 house, while we buy over 120 doors a year, resulting in big discount and more care from our suppliers.
While labor prices keep going up, in our factory, labor number, hours and activities are monitored on a daily basis, resulting in no wastes. The highly repetitive tasks and our assembly line system result in an efficient operation that cannot be replicated on site.
Most houses start with a budget and end up overrunning the cost and the schedule due to disputes with subcontractors, not enough details in engineering drawings and bad construction practices leading to rework. Mega Prefab offers accurate specifications, drawings and prices at the time the decision is made, so that you won’t have to worry of a not being able to finish your home.


Hurricane and Earthquake Proof

Our prefab houses are made of high strength concrete and can sustain extreme conditions like snow, hurricanes and earthquakes. Unlike wooden and steel prefab, you are secure in our prefab homes, the concrete’s massive weight anchors to the ground, preventing any kind of movement due to the nature forces.


No permits needed

Construction permit are costly and take time, with the new law you can build a prefab house up to 150 m2 without a construction permit.
If you require more than 150 m2 home, then don’t waste time! With our prefab system, we can submit the documents for the permit and start working immediately in our factory, once the construction permit is issued, we will start installation the next day.


HyperFast Construction

The prefab system allows us to manufacture while detailed drawings are being developed, finishing choices are being selected, and construction site and permits are being prepared. While these activities in conventional construction are linear, with our prefab system they are all progressing concurrently.
Manufacturing of concrete, installation of finishing, electrical and mechanical are all made in our factory, while minor activities remain to be done on site, as connecting the electrical and mechanical network below the boxes. Houses up to 100 m2 can be manufactured in a month and installed in two weeks.


TurnKey house

Most of our customers have full time jobs and no time to pass by the site every day to check on the different subcontractors, satisfy their requests and argue their quality of work. Project Management is a full time job, Mega Prefab offers a turnkey house and eliminates the need to waste your time. We will send you all drawings and material selections for approval, so you can build your new house from the comfort of your home.


Summary table






Maintenance free


Hurricane proof

Fire weapon resistant

Electrocution safety

Comfort and well

Thermal insulation

Natural acoustic insulation


Comparative Table

Mega box, Concrete prefab

Steel Prefab

Wood Prefab

Durability & Maintenance

Concrete is durable & maintenance free with a lifespan of over a 100 years. We have produced prefab Boxes since 1987. They are until today used by the Lebanese Army. Concrete boxes will resist hurricane and earthquakes.

Steel portacab requires scheduled maintenance, as the steel start corroding when in contact with oxygen and humidity. Near the shore, the steel frame needs a repaint and the sandwich panel replaced every few years.

Wood is susceptible to rot and decay due to moisture, and to infestations of termites. It is the most high maintenance material for construction. Yearly protection paint or sealer must be applied, Maintenance cost for a 100sqm house, varies between 1000 and 1500 USD yearly. Hurricanes will destroy completely a wooden house; high winds will damage it heavily.

Comfort & Well

The Mega Box is made of precast concrete that is by nature sound proof. The ground slab is stiff enough to avoid transmitting noise or vibration when walked upon. it provides the highest comfort & well being.

 In steel constructions, the walls are so thin and light that is provides inadequate sound insulation. Walking on the ground slab is always noisy and transmits vibrations.

Wood has to be treated for sound insulation, adding cost and work to its already costly structure. Wood floors creak and make loud sounds when walked upon, would suppliers would generally cast a concrete slab on grade to get rid of the problem on the ground floor.



Breaking into the Mega Box from walls would need a jackhammer. The latter makes a lot of noise and would need hours. Moreover, you can opt for a steel reinforced door at the entrance and steel protection bars on the windows to make your house unbreakable.  

Breaking into a steel portacab is done with a battery powered electrical hand tool or a steel blade saw. The sandwich panel is constituted of 2 steel sheets 0.6mm thick, cutting trough is done silently and in matter of minutes.

Making a hole in a wooden wall is easy and fast. Wooden house are not recommended in remote or isolated location.


Fire weapon resistance

The concrete walls and ceilings of the Mega Box are bullet proof because the reinforced high strength compressive concrete (B35). Bullets from a light automatic personal weapon at a distance of 20cm will not penetrate trough the walls. The Mega Box will resist the blast of a grenade or rocket grenade (RPG) if not directly hit.

The steel portacab is not bullet proof or blast proof. A hand grenade exploding in the proximity will deform it and make unusable.

Bullets penetrate in wood houses with ease unless big logs are used. Hand grenades will damage the house beyond repair and will probably set it on fire if it explodes in its proximity.


Each module weighs 18 Tons, and its mobility is exceptional. It is highly robust and stiff to be displaced to other locations without structural damage. 

The steel portacab weighs only 2T, removing it more than once will deteriorate it because of its flexible and weak frame structure.

Wood houses are not mobile, as in they have to be completely disassembled including all electrical and mechanical work. In many area’s they are not considered to be prefab and will require a construction permit.