Dorms 220 m² - 1a

Dorms 220 m² - 1a

Number of bedrooms:3
Maids Room:No
Structure Type:Concrete
House style:Modern
Number of bathrooms:3
Number of floors:1
Area of house:220 m²

A unique design that provides students with a cozy feeling were they can relax and concentrate on there studies. The Dorm 220 is divided into 6 rooms, each room with its separate bathroom. Everything a student needs is found in these rooms. The Dorm 220 provides comfort as well as safety and will be a great house for 3 years. The dorm 220 can also be used as chalets that can be rented which can be ideal for a resort, either on the beach or in the mountains.



Basic finishing

Concrete boxes including partitions, false ceiling, interior and exterior paint and waterproofing. :

Windows and facade glazing

Standard windows and facade glazing : Subtract $2953

Standard plus mosquito net :

Standard plus a mosquito net and fer forge bars or steel plate for security : Add $8860

Standard plus a mosquito net and store or aluminum louvers for sun protection : Add $20672

Modern façade

Façade only painted : Subtract $1357

Façade as per the 3D :

Exterior door

Painted exterior door : Subtract $945

Real wood finish exterior door :

Real wood finish, reinforced with steel and other systems for break-in protection : Add $6142

Interior doors

Painted interior doors :

Real wood finish interior doors : Add $945

Premium real wood finish interior doors : Add $2835

Floor finishing

Chinese scratch resistant ceramic or faux parquet in all rooms :

Faux parquet in bedrooms, Chinese ceramic pleine masse eveywhere else : Add $1871

Faux parquet in bedrooms, European ceramic eveywhere else : Add $7859


Standard bathroom package :

Plus Bathroom Package : Add $3090

Premium Bathroom Package : Add $10735


No Kitchen :

Stainless steel kitchenette : Add $5670

Full Kitchen plus package : Add $13230

Full Kitchen premium package : Add $28350


Normal insulation :

High thermal insulation system and concealed tubes : Add $9060

Water network

Standard hot and cold water network :

Standard plus a plastic water tank 1m3, with pressure pump. : Add $788

Air conditioning

No Ac system :

Ac split sytem : Add $4950

Heating System

No heating system :

Heating system for all rooms (Chauffage) : Add $7938


Basic lighting : Subtract $347

Basic lighting plus telephone and TV cables :

Spot package : Add $1228

Premium lighting package : Add $5559

Location of the house

House is on the coast between Akkar and Beirut :

House is on the coast between Beirut and Sour : Add $945

House is more then 10 km away from the coast : Add $2835

House is in the mountains (faraya, Sannine…) : Add $4725

  • Order Summary
    Price :$100170  VAT:$ 10017
    $110187 includes VAT


Order Details:


Dorms 220 m² - 1a
Number of bedrooms:3
Maids Room:No
Structure Type:Concrete
House style:Modern
Number of bathrooms:3
Number of floors:1
Area of house:220 m²

Customized options
Total Price :$100170  EXCLUDING VAT

Additional info

Contract terms:

Planning of delivery 2 to 4 month after down payment depending on the model.
Modality of payment 50% down payment,
50% before delivery of the boxes
Price alteration Prices may be altered depending on the final location of the house and the land accessibility 
Site Leveling Client should make sure that the site is leveled and solid enough to support the weight of the Mega box to be installed. If the soil needs deeper foundations then ours, it will be done by the client.

Additional Information 

Permit Depending on the locations, no construction permits are required for houses of one floors with a size below 150m2, only a municipality approval is needed. 
Eskan Our prefab houses are eligible for a long term loan from Eskan  or any other standard bank load, if applied, then a permit will be needed.


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