Precast infrastructure

- Curbs stones:
Curbs stones are used to limit the sidewalk. Our standard curbstone has 15 cm of width and 30 cm height. It is complemented by the corner curbstone, the transition-to-gulley left and right, and other types.

- Wheel stoppers:
Precast wheel stops are permanently located in car parks to limit the travel of cars.. They are available from 20 cm to 40 cm of height..

- Gutter curb, open and slotted channel
Gutter curb, open and slotted channels are placed on the side of the roads to channel the rain water and avoid clogging and surplus.

- Circular and rectangular manhole for sewage, rain water, valve or pump chamber
Manholes allow easy access to underground piping, meters and facilities. It is cast using a low permeability 35 Mpa and sent to the site with the appropriate openings. Cement type II or V can be used for added sulfate resistance. A circular opening on the top is used for maintenance. We roughen the concrete and protrude steel, the contractor casts a neck up to the road’s level, it is then closed by an iron cover.

- Telephone manholes:
Special manhole models as per the Lebanese standards, model include type A-B-1C-2C-3C. Our manholes were approved by the PTT, ministry of telephone, dar al handasa and khatib & alami in various projects

- Septic Tanks and water tanks:
The two tanks conform to the same production line. Their capacities can go up to 35 000Liters. The septic tank is designed to withstand lateral earth pressure sand can be buried in soil, its top can be loaded up to 1T/m2. It has three separated compartments and acts as a small scale sewage treatment system. Both tanks are cast using a low permeability 40 Mpa concrete. A 60cm diameter reservation is included to visit the tank for maintenance. The external diameter is 390 cm, and the height up to 342 cm. wall thicknesses are of 12cm.

- T-walls:
T walls are used for protection and to delimit a space. Our T-walls are both side fair face type I cement. All corners are chamfered. It is cast with a concrete compressive strength of 350 kg/cm2 for long term durability. Reinforcement cover of 30 mm carried on with plastic spacers limit weathering effects. It is provided with 2 top and 2 side hooks for handling.

We produce many other products as:
- Fences
- Jilal blockwork
- Watch towers
- Centry boxes
- Bridge and buildings parapets
- Any high volume precast product

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