Steel prefab

Product description:

The steel prefab modules are pre-engineered units designed specifically to be cheap, fast and with acceptable quality requirement to fulfill a particular use. They are manufactured completely in our plant with integrated finishing, and transported on site using trailers. Their light weight allows an easy relocation of the facility.

Product use:

- Temporary / Labors accommodation.
- Site Offices.
- Toilet and shower Rooms.
- Guard Shacks.
- Storage units.
- Car Rental Outlets.
- Kiosks / Shops.


- Pre-Engineered, no need for an engineer or architect, we have standard modules for all use.
- No hidden costs, quotation includes all items needed, and what’s not included is mentioned
- Ease of coordination, a single source supply is giving you a tunrkey facility.
- Speed of installation, move in the same day.
- Ability to supply single source installation through factory-trained distributor network

Scope of work:

- Architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural drawings
- Manufacturing of the steel prefab modules
- Optional: Transportation and installation of the prefab modules on site

Projects featuring this product