Mega Homes

The Mega Homes system is a modular construction system made entirely of precast concrete components.It is ideal for schools, offices, Housing facilities,and commercial centers. Here are some of the advantages of our system:

Economical aspect
We guarantee that our turnkey construction will be less expensive, more efficient and durable than any other method of construction. Call us for a quotation!!

Single Source Supply
Design assistance, shop drawings, fabrication, and erection by Mega Prefab saves you money by reducing time and money spent on scheduling and coordinating subcontractors, and by reducing the paperwork associated with purchase orders, pay requests, and progress payments.

Design Assistance
The Mega Prefab Engineering Department assists in the layout and design of your building construction, saving you money by ensuring budget estimates are sound. This prevents costly and time-consuming redesign. We incorporate value engineering into your design, which allows your team to advance quickly to other portions of the project.

Fast Building Envelope
Mega Prefab precast products are manufactured inside a controlled environment, allowing fabrication to begin even before permits and site/foundation work are complete. Mega Prefab precast components are rapidly erected to enclose the building, regardless of the weather. Rapid enclosure allows other trades faster access to the structure and ultimately a shorter time of construction, lowering initial costs and leading to faster positive cash flow.

Strict Manufacturing Controls: All Mega Prefab facilities ensure consistent quality regardless of site conditions, the weather, raw materials, and the skill level of tradesmen. Our tightly controlled manufacturing process allows for low water-to-cement (W/C) ratios, for long-term durability in harsh climates. High-quality Mega Prefab products will increase the building's resale value, minimize maintenance/life cycle costs, and increase owner's return on investment.

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