Modern style prefab houses

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The modern concept

The modern style prefab houses are ideal for chalets on the beach or next to the slopes.

These models have be designed with all the modern concepts in mind:
- Modern materials like alucobond or aluminum louvers cover theirs facades
- Different levels of the facade elements mark straight and angular shapes
- large window bays give the freedom from the interior even in the smallest modules.

One of a kind

The Mega Box is the only concrete prefab house on the Lebanese market. The system is a precast concrete modular construction, where the finishing is fully integrated.

Turnkey solution

Whether you want to construct your house, your offices or your new shop, our prefabricated System is your solution. No need to hire a designer, a contractor or an engineer.
We design, manufacture and install everywhere in Lebanon.

The system

Our prefab houses are made of high strength concrete and can sustain extreme conditions like snow or hurricanes. They require no maintenance and have a lifetime of over 100 years

Each module is made up with the following dimensions:
Clearance 2.4 or 2.8 meters,
Width and length: 3.9x6.00 meters
The modules can be set up next to each others to create large open spaces, or can be stacked on top of each others to make up a Duplex.

The prefabricated modules are transported on site already equipped with the kitchen and bathrooms. The boxes of each floors are installed in one day afterward the facade and some interior finishing can start.
The concrete walls are great sound and thermal insulators especially when coupled with rock wool.
From the interior the walls and ceiling are covered with gypsum boards to allow concealed piping for electrical and mechanical systems.

Download: • Mega Box catalogMega Prefab 48m2 to 100m2 houses

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