Prestressed Ribs Slab

Product description

The prestressed ribs are precast elements manufactured by slip forming concrete. Combined with hollow blocks, they shape a flooring system with many advantages. The ribs use a prestressed technology that leads to long spans with thinner sections. This system has been proven to be ideal for projects with repetitive number of villa’s and buildings.
The ribs are concealed within the floor and allow for a straight soffit ready to be plastered. it is faster to install and more economical then the traditional system.

Product use

The PRS is most efficient when used in residential buildings and villas spanning from 3 to 9 meters. It can
also be used in any type of building.


• Remarkably lower price compared to traditional
• Speed and ease of construction. 400m2 of installation
per day per crane.
• Straight finishing ready for plaster, or aesthetical
finishing with arch blocks.
• Less propping and scaffolding compared to traditional
• High strength, lightweight, durable structure.
• Longer span and greater loads than conventional
slabs of the same thickness.
• Automated production under strict Quality and Safety
• High thermal insulation properties.

Download: • Mega Prefab prestressed ribs catalog

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