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on May 16, 2020
Does my house need foundations?
In large project, soil investigations are required. A geotechnical company will do a series of tests on your land, take samples and ...
on March 30, 2020
Areas in Lebanon to build with no permits required
Every couple of years, a circular is issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities that allows a person to build a ...
on December 11, 2014
Syrian Labor crisis in Lebanon
Lebanon, a country home for more than 4 million people is now hosting 1,200,000 Syrians, less than half of them are registered ...
on November 11, 2014
The House of Arts and Culture Riad Al Solh
The House of Arts and Culture will be designed by the Italian architect Alberto Catalano, who won the international competition that was ...
on November 3, 2014
Jounieh Floating Island
By Elie Malti
Jounieh Floating Island will become the first floating island in the world and is expected to finish and at sea in the ...
on October 18, 2014
Lebanese Construction Law N. 646
Present LBL (Law 646) dates from 2004. The implementation decree was issued in 2005, and slightly modified in 2007. LBL 646 adopts ...
on October 17, 2014
Procedures for getting a housing loan in Lebanon
There are two types of housing loans that we will be talking about that are provided by the Banks in Lebanon. The ...
on October 14, 2014
Why choose precast concrete?
Precast concrete is a product that is produced by casting concrete in a mold that is used more than once. The product ...
on October 8, 2014
Typical Installation of a prefab house
This beautiful prefab house was installed at Kornet el sawda, at an altitude of around 3000m above sea level, It snows in ...
on October 8, 2014
Lebanese Decree 7964 changes earthquake coef for Lebanon
The recent change of the seismic zone factor in Lebanon makes design requirement more stringent and will mostly affect civil engineers and developers. It's ...