Guide to prefabricated houses

on September 17, 2014

When planning a prefab home, you need to consider many factors such as the location of the houses, the type and look of the house, the cost and the funding.  All these aspects have become very important in prefab construction and one of the many reason why people choose to construct a prefab house instead of a traditional house

Choose the right building site

A prefab house can be built on any site and in any location however, what matters is making the house right for the site; which is getting the most of the location by placing the house in the right place. The house needs to be in harmony with its site, responsive and adaptive to the natural characteristics it is providing. it can benefit from what the environment is providing and take advantage of it.

Let the sunshine in

One of the most obvious of these natural benefits is the sun. Sometimes a little bit of sunshine can make a difference. Benefits are many from providing light and warmth to providing energy as well as boosting health and reducing the energy bill when used with solar panels on the roof of the house. Position your windows carefully, plant trees (nature’s own solar shading devices) deliberately, choose the type of curtains carefully depending on how much sunlight you want to enter the house. Sometimes a bad judgement or a poor decision can result in a very warm home in the Summer which might be unbearable. A home that is designed in a way that considers the movement of the Sun all year long will reduce the use of lightning thus reducing the electric bill.

Consider ventilation

You should also take the wind into account.  We are not talking here about air conditiones or fans, but about natural ventilation which is for free all year long simply by opening a window and ensuring that your home is structured so as to maximize air-flow, especially in the mountain areas were there is no need for air conditions as the weather is perfect most of the time with few hot days in the Summer.

Design according to your site

Don’t forget the dimension of your site. The construction of your home should follow the dimensions of your site and take advantage of it accordingly. A slope can serve as an excellent location for a home, allowing efficient use of space as well as providing an opportunity for a striking aesthetic design.

Benefiting from what nature has to offer and combining it with the luxury that you are seeking for your ideal home is precisely the attractive opportunity that Prefab offers. If you plan carefully, you can make the right choice for the right home.