Jounieh Floating Island

on November 3, 2014 | By Elie Malti

Jounieh Floating Island will become the first floating island in the world and is expected to finish and at sea in the summer of 2015. Dr. Abdullah Daou is the person responsible for the development, technology and the design of the floating island. He established the Beirut International Marine Industry & Commerce s.a.r.l (B.I.M.I.C) in 2003 with his wife and their 2 children who are all shareholders in the company. The Company has come up with the idea of the floating island, a highly stabilized, self-propelled floating structure with sea-accessible main deck. Unlike a boat which is a closed box in the sea, with difficult access to the water – large cruisers (floating islands) have a main deck of 5 m up to 15 m- and the process of getting to the water involves the captain’s permission, shutting down the engines, climbing down a stair or lowering an artificial aft deck – And that seldom happens- and thus the passengers have to swim in a small enclosed swimming pool on deck. Possible applications include: floating hotels and resorts; private floating villas; offshore coast guard bases; offshore staff housing; floating strategic naval bases; etc.

The company is in the process of building the first floating island the JFIR a five star hotel, surface area is 3400 sqm, length is 74 m, width 46 m. The hotel will consist of 132 rooms. The JFI rooms, bathrooms and lounges will be spacious and with an excellent view. The main deck is designed for big events such as weddings, concerts, business and family dinners and can  hold up to 1150 people. The JFI has the ability to come close to the shoreline which allows the guests to come on board from any mooring deck. On the deck there is also a nightclub designed for 200 people and a roof restaurant for 350 people. The hotel also offers all kinds of aqua sports activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, water ski and parachuting.