Typical Installation of a prefab house

on October 8, 2014

This beautiful prefab house was installed at Kornet el sawda, at an altitude of around 3000m above sea level, It snows in the area up to a height of 2 meters during the winter!

Day 1: installation of precast foundations.

If rocky terrain or good soil nature and capacity are found then the Mega Box does not need any additional foundation than what we provide, it only requires a leveled ground. If not, strip foundations under the Mega box are installed

Day 2: The boxes are transported.

The prefabricated modules are transported on site already equipped with the kitchen, bathrooms and most of the finishing, keeping only minor tasks to be done on site.

Days 3: Installation of the boxes on the foundations.

Four boxes (app 100m2) are installed per day with one crane and a crew of four workers. it is followed by
a couple days for finishing touches and connections.

Days 7: house is delivered.

Prepare the Arguileh and mezza, invite the whole town, it’s going to be a heck of night on that flying terrace!