Why choose precast concrete?

on October 14, 2014

Precast concrete is a product that is produced by casting concrete in a mold that is used more than once. The product is cured in a controlled and most of the time closed environment before it is transported into the construction site and lifted into its place. There are many reasons for choosing precast concrete instead of the traditional concrete which is poured and cured onsite.

Less construction time and cost:

As the site of construction is being surveyed and all permits and paper works are being finalized, the production of the precast concrete can start in the factory and is not affected by the weather and rain that occurs onsite. The time taken to complete the structural works is less due to the use of large precast elements and all the wiring and painting can be done in a controlled environment. Since everything is controlled, nothing goes to waste which lowers the cost by about 15% to 25% depending on the size and the amount of the concrete used.

Resistance to elements:

While using precast concrete, the structure can stand for a longer period of time making it resistant to fire, insects, molds, earthquakes and other natural disasters leading to lower maintenance costs.


Precast concrete is made of raw materials that can be found everywhere and in large quantities thus making it eco friendly.

Precast concrete can be recycled and used again and all the cladding that is dismantled from a precast panel during the construction of the building, can be refurbished and used again so nothing goes to waste.


The density and the strength of the precast concrete make it an ideal choice for a safe room in the house. Precast concrete has been used for storm shelters and has been installed for protection against tornados and hurricanes.


The exterior part of the precast concrete can be left unpainted without any damage what so ever and if painted, repainting the wall is only required after 5 to 10 years depending on the area. It is also easily to wash and clean.


Precast concrete is produced under strict, factory-controlled conditions to ensure high quality in the desired shapes, colors and textures, along with close tolerances. The factory environment allows for quality control and assurance procedures to be rigorously implemented.