Total Precast Building

Total precast is our most advanced concrete construction system. It is offered as a part of our Design-Build solution for warehouses, factories, retail centers and schools.

Turnkey solutions
Concentrate on your company’s vision and operation and let us take care of the facility. With our fully developed in-house design-build service, we will accompany you from the design until you move into the building.
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From Factory straight to Site

Save money by cutting the middle man, Mega Prefab has all the trades in-house to optimize the costs of your project.

HyperFast Execution

We’ll finish your warehouse or factory faster than ever with our off site production and hyperfast execution. Your total precast building is produced during excavation and foundation works. Elements are then installed on site using cranes, keeping unforeseen site disruptions to a minimum.

  • Conventional Construction
  • Total Precast Construction
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Unparalleled plaster free quality

Our cutting edge production process involves casting concrete in controlled environments with machine produced steel beds with laser precision dimensions. The result is a low tolerance, smooth finish, making your total precast building plaster free and ready to paint if needed.

Unlike steel buildings, your investment is protected with precast concrete buildings:
70 years’ lifetime.

Our high quality 45 Mpa concrete increases the durability of the structure to 70 years of lifetime with little to no maintenance, insuring no disruption to your operation.

2 to 4 hours of fire resistance.

Protect your investment, up to 4 hours before any damage is done to the structure, enough for the intervention of the fire brigade. Concrete contains the spread of fire into other room.

ISO ready.

For all F&B related factories, concrete is a requirement to get the ISO standard.

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High Insulation

Concrete acts as a thermal mass to iron out the heat from the peak hours giving you superior insulation over any other system such as steel and sandwich panel buildings.

Designed for Mega Factories

Our total precast building solution is the only viable alternative for heavy production requirements. We can span up to 21 meters between columns, go as high as 12 meters’ height between two floors and our slabs can bear over 8 tons per m2 of loads.

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Precast basement wall for a beverage production facility in Lebanon
Precast long beams during installation
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Advanced wall systems

Our cutting edge structural system gets covered with the most advanced partition walls available. From cost effective fair face concrete blocks produced by fully automatic machines to gorgeous architectural fair faced concrete panels, we have it all.

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