Panorama Series

Glass windows from floor to ceiling will transform every room into a wide and comfortable space. It’s time to relax.

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Installation Process
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your house could.
As strong as concrete

The structure of your house is done with the strongest and most durable construction material in the market. The concrete’s massive weight anchors to the ground, preventing any kind of movement due to the nature forces. Unlike wood and steel houses, our reinforced concrete houses will withstand extreme conditions like snow and earthquakes and have an average lifetime of 80 years.

Exceptional materials

Because having the highest quality structure was not enough, we have carefully researched and combined the best of each material in its class surpassing traditional construction quality. The ceiling is finished with gypsum board for a smooth result and architectural freedom. The bathrooms are completely cladded with ceramic with a hanged Wc and a glass partition for the shower. The windows are double glazed for the ultimate acoustic and thermal insulation.

The ultimate insulation

We bring you the most innovative double wall system yet. The outside wall made of reinforced concrete acts as a thermal mass to iron out the heat from the peak hours. Also, It offers the highest waterproofing capabilities possible and can be used in snow. A voided middle layer insulates against humidity while the internal concrete block walls offer high architectural flexibility.