Nature Series

Find your peace between the trees.

Unique, a designer’s item.

Influenced by Nature, your house will have no straight edges, the organic round shape blends with the surroundings like the trunk of a tree. Your house will reflect your personality, truly unique.

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The perfect wake up

Experience the genuine wakeup call from birds chirping and leaf cracklings. The large glass façade will be your window into nature’s peaceful atmosphere. Time to reconnect with earth.

Outdoor living.

Share your love of adventure with the rest of the family. With our synergetic modular system, you can easily increase the number of rooms to fit your loved ones. Quality time spent with the kids in nature will shape their personalities and futures.

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Blended with nature.

Our ultra-durable concrete structure was designed to be fully encased within the earth in order to draw from its energy. You will benefit from the ultimate sound insulation and a stable temperature throughout its lifetime. The undisrupted land above the house will let nature take its course, offering you additional space to relax.

Never stop moving.

Take it up the mountains, down the beach, take it off grid or ship it oversees, put it in the middle of a forest or in your backyard. You’ll be able to move your home in a single day, we give you an unparalleled freedom to experience the seasons like never before, all from the comfort of the same house.

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