Concrete blocks

Lightweight blocks

Our fully automatic machine can produce all our block product range in lightweight concrete. We use polystyrene beads and admixtures to obtain densities as low as 750 kg/m3. Resulting in blocks up to three time lighter than normal weight concrete.

Lightweight CMU (masonry blocks units) are very useful in two particular cases:

Large concrete blocks

In some cases, partition blocks of 25 cm and thicker are used. As the weight of each piece goes over 30 Kg in normal weight concrete, it become very heavy to handle and execution works get delayed considerably. Lightweight concrete blocks decreases the weigh to 18 Kg and less per piece, resulting in less labor and cost.

Towers and high rise buildings

With a lightweight partition system, considerable weight savings is achieved on all structural elements. Resulting in smaller concrete sections, less rebar reinforcement and lower costs.

The advantages are as follows:

  • The weight savings of the partitions will decrease the thickness of the slabs, resulting in lighter slabs.
  • The weight savings of the partitions and lighter slabs will reduce the load take down on the foundations.
  • In some cases, it will eliminate the need for deep foundations or rafts.
  • Earthquake forces will decrease as they are directly proportional to the weight of the building, diminishing further the walls and column sections
  • As walls and columns get smaller, more architectural space is available for each room, this is especially important in towers where core walls take considerable space.
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