Concrete blocks

Partition and Hourdi blocks

We produce our precast concrete blocks (CMU) with an automatic press with high vibration and compression leading to the highest quality block you can source. Intensive research lead us to develop a concrete mix design with high compression strength and an optimized price. Our fully automated manufacturing line produces up to 20,000 blocks per day. To insure reliable quality of our high output, we test a large number of batches daily in our advanced laboratory.

Our product range includes the following:

  • Hollow blocks (10 cm, 15cm and 20 cm)
  • Solid blocks (10 cm and 15cm)
  • Closed / open hourdis blocks (14 cm, 19 cm and 24 cm)

With every pallet, you’ll find a number of blocks that can be easily split into two half pieces for corners allowing you to work faster and cleaner.

Best fair face concrete masonry units

All blocks produced are available in the fair face option. Ideal for factories or industrial interior architecture where the partitions stay apparent without any plaster.  Our smooth surface, uniform colors and geometrical accuracy are unparalleled.

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