Precast facade

Precast concrete facade

We design, manufacture and install a wide variety of precast panels and louvers. Our high strength concrete panels can either be used as cladding or as decorative external partition walls. Over 200 designs and patterns are available to choose from. Sizes up to 7.0 meters x 4.0 meters can be produced, thicknesses range from 8 cm up to 20 cm depending on the usage. Our panels can be thermally isolated with a polystyrene sandwiched in the middle, to provide the ultimate building envelope.

Ultra high performance concrete UHPC 

We have developed our UHPC panels that go up to 110 MPA in concrete compressive strength allowing the most organic and thinnest concrete sections produced in the world yet. The panels can be as thin as 3cm, they are reinforced with plastic fibers. With very low porosity, they are impermeable to acid attacks and corrosive environment, giving them the highest rating in durability.

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