Precast Floor

Preslab / Predalle

Mega Prefab’s preslab (Prédalle en beton) is a solid precast slab; it is prestressed to provide excellent span/depth ratio. The standard slab width is 1200 mm and available in depths from 60 mm to 150 mm depths. The preslab is used with a structural topping, to aid stability of the structure and increase its load capacity. Maximum spans are about 9.0 m, depending on loads.


The prestressed preslab, and the hollowcore slab have the same grey colored fair-face finishing from below, the preslab is advantageous when used to bear very high live load or for cases where the slab needs to distribute live loads. It has a structural topping cast on top and works as a composite section at service stage; its top is cleaned and roughened to insure the bonding between the two concrete layers. During erection the slab has to be fully propped as it is designed as a continuous slab. It is reinforced with 5 mm prestressed wires having strength of 1860 Mpa, those wires will protrude approximately 15 cm outside the slab’s edge and into the support to anchor for shear. The preslab has a concrete strength of 400 kg/cm2. Cement type 1 is used.

Product use

Building made for heavy type industries and warehouses with more than 4 Tons/m2 of moving load.