Precast Floor

Prestressed beams

Our precast beams are prestressed, allowing them to span up to 20 meters with reduced sections. Standard sections include rectangular shapes, with one or two slopes to allow natural water drainage. Connections to the columns are insitu cast; reinforcement from the beam extends and anchors into the columns. The beams are part of the seismic resisting system. They are designed as a composite section by taking into account the concrete topping or screed of the slab on top.

Product use

Precast beams are ideal for structures where drop beams are allowed and the grid is somewhat uniform. They are recommended for multi-storey car parking garages, industrial buildings, office buildings, schools, hospital, shopping malls, warehouses, stadiums, gymnasiums.


  • Cost savings when compared to the conventional beams.
  • Less drop under slab, gives more clear height to the floor.
  • Fair face concrete.
  • Off-site manufacturing means stricter quality and safety control, and therefore results in better quality & more durable products.
  • Faster construction time.
  • Less formwork, site clutter, and temporary works, which in turn leads to better site management, lower costs and increased safety.
  • Long spans.
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