Terms and conditions

Any consultation of the pages of this website and the mobile application if applicable (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Digital Platform”), as well as the membership of the Espace Candide platform, entails acceptance, by the user, without reservation, of the terms of these conditions. We draw attention to the fact that among the services offered by the Digital Platform, some have specific conditions of use that complement these conditions.


The Digital Platform aims to provide general information on the Espace Candide shopping center and its banners and to allow the user to join the Espace Candide platform. All the information contained on the Digital Platform does not in any way constitute a offer to contract, or an offer to buy or sell, unless otherwise stated.


ESPACE CANDIDE MANAGEMENT can not guarantee that the functioning of the Digital Platform will be uninterrupted and free from any error. It is bound by an obligation of means as regards the functioning and continuity of the Digital Platform and the services offered. ESPACE CANDIDE MANAGEMENT can not be held responsible for any prejudice resulting from the use of the Digital Platform, whatever the cause; ESPACE CANDIDE MANAGEMENT can not be responsible for fraudulent alteration or access to data and / or accidental transmission via the Digital Virus Platform. Likewise, it can not be held responsible for events due to force majeure, as breakdowns and technical problems with regard to hardware, programs, software or the Internet may result in suspension or termination. of the Digital Platform in whole or in part.

ESPACE CANDIDE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of the Digital Platform, including the content, features or hours of availability, without notice . It may do so at any time, especially in case of maintenance or update of the Digital Platform.


3.1 The site and the mobile application (when it will be available if applicable) offer users to join the ESPACE CANDIDE platform. Any user wishing to subscribe to the Espace Candide platform must read these terms of use and accept the terms. By clicking on the checkbox “I have read and I accept the Terms of Use”, the user agrees to adhere to the terms of these terms of use, comply with them and accept the terms.

Any user can only register once.

Any use of the Espace Candide platform by a minor is carried out under the sole responsibility of the holders of parental authority over the persons concerned.

For this reason, parents who wish to allow their children to access the Espace Candide platform must help them to create any appropriate account and monitor their access to the platform. It is the responsibility of the legal guardian to determine if any of the information and content posted on the Digital Platform is appropriate for their child. ”

3.2. The adhesion to the Espace Candide platform set up by Compagnie Foncière allows the user to:

– to benefit from the promotional offers, the terms of which are specified for each of them;

– to receive the newsletter of the Espace Candide platform;

– to be able to access certain services of the digital platform reserved exclusively for members of the Espace Candide platform;

– to publish on the Digital Platform comments on articles published on dedicated spaces on the Digital Platform. ”

3.3. To subscribe to the Espace Candide platform, the user must fill out a membership form posted on the Digital Platform specifying the mandatory information. In particular, the user will have to define an identifier and a password that will allow him to access his member account.

An email will be sent to the user confirming his registration to the email address mentioned in the form.

Registration entitles the user to become a member of the Espace Candide platform and gives access to the services indicated in point 3.1.

A member of the Espace Candide platform can modify the information about him at any time via the “My account” page. He can also ask to unsubscribe from the Espace Candide platform at the following address [email protected].

3.4. Failing to fill in the mandatory information, registration will not be possible. The user agrees that the information mentioned in the form is complete and accurate. All entries with clearly erroneous information may be deleted. The user also undertakes to keep his username and password strictly confidential. Any connection via the identifier and password of a member will be deemed to have been made by him.

In case of fraudulent use, loss, destruction or theft of username and password, the user must modify them as soon as possible on the Digital Platform. Compagnie Fonciere du Levant SAS can not be held responsible for the consequences of this fraudulent use, loss, destruction or theft.

Compagnie Fonciere du Levant SAS may decide to suspend or exclude a member in case of violation of these terms and conditions of use.

3.5 Obligations of members

Each member of the Espace Candide platform agrees:

– to create and use only one account,

– to communicate only accurate and up-to-date information;

– to respect the other members, to be courteous and not aggressive in the possible exchanges with the other members or the Digital Platform;

– to respect the conditions of participation specific to each offer or operation proposed on the Digital Platform.

3.6. Publication of contents

Members of the Espace Candide platform may be offered the opportunity to publish comments on articles published on spaces dedicated to the Digital Platform.

The user is solely responsible for the content he uploads to the Digital Platform, as well as the texts and / or opinions he formulates. It undertakes in particular that these data are not likely to affect the legitimate interests of third parties whatsoever.

As such, he undertakes to:

– not to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, abuse or threaten anyone, or violate the rights of others,

– do not abuse language (type insult),

– do not be aggressive

– not to promote any brand, sign, activity, product or service whatsoever

– not to apologize for crimes against humanity, not to incite racial hatred or pedophilia,

– do not create a false idea