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    Village 65 m2
    2 Bedroom(s)
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    1 Floor(s)

    The Villagio 65 is an exciting combination of modules. As it has the traditional feel with the introduction of a huge stone arch holding in its essence the door to the house with two wooden windows. A 65 m2 house may seem small, but with the technology of the Mega boxes, open spaces and free transformation can be made giving it wide open spaces from the interior. This type of a house is perfect for a cityscape and relaxation in the rural area.

    Order summary
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      House Options
      Base model - Mega Box

      Concrete module: 35 Mpa, high strength concrete, dimensions 6.2×4.0 meters with a clear height of 285 cm comprised of floor, ceiling and four walls.

      Partitions: Main partitions are 12cm high strength reinforced concrete, secondary partitions are concrete masonry block walls smooth plastered.

      False ceiling; made out of gypsum board covering the whole house.

      Paint: Interior paint is off white and the exterior paint is waterproof, protecting the façade.

      Waterproofing: bituminous membrane single layer covering the whole roof providing the ultimate waterproofing.

      Stairs:  made out of concrete covered with testa natural stone.

      Balustrades: Made out of concrete or steel.

      Back facades: Painted Maplexine unless upgraded to cladding in the options.

      Traditional model facade

      Back to origins, the first Lebanese houses built in the 1890’s had a flat roof. Enjoy an elevated roof terrace with a better view and maybe grow a “Aariche” or two to provide some shade.

      With bold arches spreading on your façade, hand cut natural stone tailored for your walls and beautifully curved red roof tiles, your house will be a landmark in your village’s history.

      The stone used is natural originating from bchaale, Lebanon.  Its has a stunning white color with hints of yellow. It’s installed in rows of 15cm and 20cm width randomly for two floor houses and 15cm for one floor houses.

      A sturdy white cast concrete Cornish will provide a proper cap to the stone facade while the white concrete preframes all around the windows are perfect to insure waterproofing.

      Get the real Lebanese house experience with this high end option.

      This option upgrades the Cornish and the preframe from a white cast concrete to natural stone. Moreover, this option adds a luxurious smooth decorative frame around the windows made out of the same stone.

      You can choose between two natural Lebanese hand cut stones. White stones from Bchaale or a yellow stones from Arsal are available. The natural stone’s width is increased to 20cm for a grandiose look.


      Windows and facade glazing

      Our sliding double glazing system is composed of two glass panels separated by a void. It offers water and air tight windows for maximum sound and temperature insulation. The robust and known 100% original Sidem 2000 aluminum profile insures reliable performance in all situations. The colors available are white, black, silver and brown.

      The electrical rolling shutter provides the ultimate sun shade for the Panorama series houses. It is integrated above your window and hidden from the outside.


      “Fer forge” or wrought iron bars are an eloquent way of protecting your Village series house from robberies and vandalism.

      The aluminum louvers and steel structures (in some Panorama series shown in renders) provides you protection against the sun and privacy. They are stylish and are used architecturally to embellish the facade.

      Panorama louvers


      Aluminium window Louvers

      Front door

      Our standard MDF exterior doors are substantially heavier than other doors delivering a superior level of privacy and noise control.  They are made up of two layers of MDF boards connected by solid wood columns making them durable, sturdy, and maintenance free.

      The exterior door will be PVC veneered as per the options chosen for the interior doors. This door cannot be exposed to the rain, a canopy must be added, the price of the canopy is not included.

      If many exterior doors are available in the house, they will all be made out of MDF.

      Solid wood doors are 100-percent natural Limba wood (Frake), they are strong and excellent at insulating noise.

      This option increases the height of the door from 2.10 meters to an imposing 2.4 meters. With a large chrome handle and stylish design options to choose from, your guests will be impressed while entering your home.

      These specifications do not apply to all exterior doors but to the main front door only.

      Constructed with high quality robust materials, this door will protect you from intruders even in the most extreme situations. The thick inner steel locks in the door frame on three sides to become impenetrable, while the 100% natural solid Limba wood (Frake) on both sides will insure beautiful door aesthetics.

      These specifications will apply to the front door only and not all external doors. 


      Interior doors

      Our standard MDF doors are substantially heavier than other doors delivering a superior level of privacy and noise control.  They are made up of two layers of MDF boards connected by solid wood columns making them durable, sturdy, and maintenance free.

      The doors are painted or veneered with a white Matt finish and have horizontal grooves giving it a modern look.


      PVC wood veneer is a realistic wood finish applied on top of the MDF board, multiple colors are available to give a natural look to your doors. For a modern look, horizontal grooves are added.

      This premium comfort package adds the following:

      • Large selection of premium sturdy handles
      • Addition of a special a strip along the frame for soft closing and acoustic insulation.
      • Stainless steel fill within the horizontal grooves
      • 7 cm wide wooden architrave.


      Premium door


      Floor finishing

      Our Ceramic tiles are first choice, meaning that they have passed rigorous quality control in Europe. It’s clear cut dimensions allows for a perfect installation and results.

      It’s advantages over marble includes no water absorption, no color change over time and no maintenance needed.

      Options come in sizes of 60 x 60cm,  two colors and patterns available: grey and beige.

      Our premium European ceramic selection has the highest quality in the world and are for those that accept only the best. These Spanish tiles can replicate real marble or concrete, their surface can be glossy with different patterns for each tiles making your living room glow with style and extravagance.

      For the living and dining rooms, options come in sizes of 60x60cm,  60x120cm and 75x75cm, multiple colors and patterns are available to choose from. For the kitchen, dimensions of 60x60cm are used.




      Laminate flooring (faux parquet) is a synthetic floor cover that looks and feels like natural wood floor. Its advantages over real wood include lower prices, water resistance and no maintenance needed.

      As for the ceramic, this upgrade will ensure a tile layout that will favor the alignment of joints over waste to ensure a beautiful flooring.



      The standard bathroom package is our entry level bathroom, it is economical while having high standard mechanical equipment for long term use.

      This package includes the following:

      • Floor standing WC of Lebanese or Asian brand.
      • Shower glass partition
      • Washbasin sitting on a wooden laminated cabinet, infinity frameless glass on top.
      • Ceramic on the walls of the shower only to protect your walls from the humidity and water, rest of the walls are painted.
      • Shower and washbasin Asian mixers.

      This package provides you with these additions:

      • A wall hanging WC with an ultra modern touch.  The toilet’s hidden tank and hip wall flasher adds an avant-garde touch.
      • Simple and elegant single glazed two color ceramic design on all walls, from floor to ceiling. your bathroom will be protected from moisture and water.
      • European shower and washbasin mixers will certify a long lasting longevity.

      Wall hung bathroom R1 low res



      The Premium package upgrades the following:

      • European sanitary fixtures.
      • WC trigger spray to all bathrooms
      • Elevated height washbasin mixer included with an over the counter washbasin.
      • Wood cabinets are upgraded with a an integrated ceramic top
      • Douche shower is upgraded to include a rain shower
      • Stylish design of premium European ceramic on all walls (Strip are available)
      • Radiators to heat the bathrooms (if the heating system option is chosen too)
      • Led light strip behind bathroom mirrors
      • 120cm x 60cm or 30x60cm, Tiles layout that favors alignment of joints with mixers, windows and drains as much as possible over waste.
      • Concealed floor drains with ceramic finish in bathrooms for a seamless look on the ground.



      Premium Bathroom Package render


      This option is for the people that would like to buy their kitchen at a later stage.

      Our kitchens includes the following features:

      • Wood used is humidity proof and water resistant.
      • Hinges are soft close.
      • All wood surfaces are laminated , multiple options and patterns available.
      • Counter top is made out of granite or resin, multiple colors available.

      5 linear meters of kitchen between bottom and top cabinets for houses up to 120m2 area are included and 7 linear meters for larger size houses. (extra linear meters and islands will be quoted separately).

      All kitchen appliances are excluded.  (oven top, hood, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, dryer)

      The premium package adds a functional and modern design that will make your kitchen a pleasure to cook in. Along with high end laminated finishes and stain resistant granite top, your kitchen will become the center piece of your home.

      8 linear meters of kitchen between bottom and top cabinets for houses up to 120m2 area are included and 11 linear meters for larger size houses. (extra linear meters and islands will be quoted separately)


      For moderate weather conditions, our standard insulation will be enough to feel well at home.

      Concrete walls are a natural thermal mass, they absorb the heat during peak house and dispersing them slowly. Due to its density, concrete has the capacity to absorb and store large quantities of heat. This behavior delays the transfer of energy. In this way, thermal mass reduces peak heating and cooling loads by delaying the time at which these peak loads occur by several hours. This delay reduces demands on heating and cooling equipment.


      Feel comfortable at home with our high thermal insulation system for external walls. It stabilizes the temperature even in extreme conditions. Our thermal insulation system consists of an outer layer of solid concrete, a middle layer of confined air and an inner layer of voided blocks wall.

      • The outer layer of solid concrete will delay peak sun temperature by absorbing it and it releases it during the night.
      • The middle layer of confined air has very low thermal conductivity and will not let the heat or cold in. Its thermal conductivity is 1500 times less then steel and 50 times less then concrete.
      • The inner layer of voided block wall will provides you with a smooth surface to paint on and will cover up any piping that is passing on the perimeter walls of the house that would have been visible otherwise.

      Detail of Double Wall

      Air conditioning

      If you are installing the house in the mountain where you benefit of cool breezes and comfortable temperatures, you can choose not to install any AC units.

      AC split units are great for cooling your house with an added benefit of being able to heat it too. In most cases, it can completely replace  expensive gas oil heating systems.

      First choice Ac split system for living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Brands are Climatec, Midea or MDV with the following features:

      LCD digital screen, Auto restart, louver memory function, high density filter, sleep mode


      Heating System (Chauffage)

      Unless the house is located in the mountains, a heating system is not needed, we recommend using the AC split option that will provides hot air and a comfortable living temperature.

      The gas burner will heat up your home during the cold winters.  Aluminum radiators will be installed in bedrooms, living and kitchen connected using thermally insulated PPR pipes.Heating system is independent from hot water system.

      Gas burner Vs Gas oil burner

      If you do not want to build an mechanical room, you can opt to have a gas burner instead of a gas oil (mazout) burner.

      A gas oil (mazout) burner needs a complete room to fit along with a gas oil tank. They will need yearly maintenance and proper fire prevention systems.

      On the other hand, the gas burner, seen below, will fit on any wall behind the house, the gas canisters are swappable and can be placed hidden under it and it does not need yearly maintenance.

      Gaz boiler


      Connecting the gas boiler to the hot water tank leads to large benefits in mountain conditions.

      First, the hot water tank will be available much faster when the boiler is turned on. Second, this solution leads to large cost savings over time since it is more efficient than heating the hot water tank using electricity.

      The following upgrades will be done:

      • The hot water tank will be upgraded with a single coil heat exchanger.
      • The boiler capacity will be increased.
      • A closed loop system with a three way valve and a return pump will connect the boiler to the hot water tank.

      Please note that the hot water tank does not have a return pump and a closed loop system with the mixers.

      Vertical water tank


      Basic lighting includes electrical tubing and wiring only, lighting fixtures are not included.

      1 telephone outlet per floor and 1 TV outlet in each bedroom and 1 in the living area are included. TV box and phone PBX are excluded.

      Properly distributed spot lighting changes the whole ambiance of a house. With different schemes, your living can become a relaxing haven to fall asleep on the couch, or a bright work space when needed.

      The spot package includes 25 LED spots distributed in all rooms, for houses larger then 100 m2 and 15 LED spots for houses under 100 m2. The spot fixture is included.

      LED spots

      Indirect lighting is the most comfortable light source there is, it is balanced throughout the room and lessens glare, it eases eye strains while improving visibility.

      This options add the following:

      • 25 LED spots distributed in all rooms for houses over 100 m2 and 15 LED spots for houses under 100 m2. The spot fixture is included, silver, white or black colors are available.
      • Indirect lighting in the entrance and living room using LED strips concealed within the gypsum board.

      LED spots and indirect lighting


      Location of the house